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Mono I Mono I Mono I

Michael Wall

Mono I

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Powdered pigments and paint on wood panel | 2016 

By encompassing simple forms and block colors, Wall aims to engage a reaction from the viewer, allowing them to decide what the works mean. The use of large scale works exaggerate these notions with the minimal of direction.

“I try to make work that is accessible for everyone, I gravitate towards abstraction and minimalism due to its core ideas around communication. Language is inherent to us and I play on the things that can connect us all,” explains Wall.

Contrast is important to my work, be it between forms, colors, complexity or simplicity, micro or macro, anything that creates a conflict or asks a question. How the work exists within a space and the conversation between the art work and the viewer is imperative to me, the most simple gestures can represent intricate narratives,” says the artist.

A combination of powdered pigments and paint are used, creating strong textures that are subtle but integral. These methods of working help the pieces to engage their surroundings, creating work that absorbs light producing dense colors and textures. An important aspect of the work is the resistance of the materials in which the pigment and paint are applied; the frames are handmade and built for each piece, allowing full control over the finished works.


35.5 x 47 inches


Signed by the artist.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for artwork to ship.

Wall's practice playfully addresses scale, form and color, allowing his work to be simultaneously ambiguous and approachable.





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