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Sepideh Ilsley

Sepideh Ilsley

Sepideh Ilsley


About Sepideh Ilsley

Sepideh Ilsley was born in Shiraz, Iran, grew up in Sweden and lived elsewhere before settling in Perth, Australia. Her abstract works of art often start as digital sketches before they are painted on linen and altered into organic shapes.


“My work is a pure expression of my being, my thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories, experiences, past and future. All stages of the process, from making to naming, are equally important. There’s a different story for each stage though I’m driven by values of simplicity and imperfection. I work mainly with abstractions, digitally drawn or painted by hand on the floor. I paint from all sides and angles and inhabit the space of the painting. I go where the painting and brush takes me. It is such a meditative state, and once I immerse myself in my work, I lose myself to it and let go. My digital and painted works are linked together as the pieces often start as digital sketches and then get painted on linen. It is like working backwards, going from something simple and precise to something organic and imperfect.” - Sepideh Ilsley



2013, Umeå University, Stockholm, Sweden, Digital Images

2008, Berghs school of communication, Stockholm, Sweden, Art Direction

2001-2004, Södertörns University, Stockholm, Sweden, Media and communication

2000-2001, Berghs school of communication, Stockholm, Sweden, Graphic design and Illustration