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Resonant Templates -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Resonant Templates

Resonant Templates


Nicole Patel

Resonant Templates

Nicole Patel on her series, Resonant Templates

Reimagining the architectural field of earth, nature society, new bridges, without hierarchies, and without denying the facets of other’s perspectives, for they are shapeshifting.

All perspectives are valid, and in flux.

Imagining new earth fields, purified water, imagining new oceans, for a future to be possible we have to have a vision of it.

These are new graphs, for new disciplines, I dream of vertical farming,

Voluntary simplicity, an invitation to step off the consumerist highway, and decide for oneself

In the bedroom, leafing through thoughts on an afternoon, or early dawn. Gazing on a reinvented graph paper for today.

Resonance - resonate - geometry - blueprint - graph paper - field - blank slate - humble materials - an offering of perpetual beautiful resonant geometric container to unwind your current thoughts satisfying soothing non hierarchical zen buddhist foundation new path white clouds

Purify low impact rewritable reworkable perpetual blank canvas to attend impermanent breath

The current body of work continues exploring resonant geometries, exploring new geometries for reimagining our future.

Templates for envisioning the future.

- Nicole Patel


Nicole Patel says:

“The pieces are informed by organic materials because they hold at once quiet humility and great importance. In working with these pure materials, I aim to work in a way that will uphold their full potential.”

Nicole Patel says:

“I think the challenge is to find a way to make something by hand, in a modern world, that doesn’t need to be excused for its imperfections. I also think we are looking for something humanistic to live with today.”

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