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Partnership - Tappan x Belletrist

Partnership - Tappan x Belletrist

Tappan x Belletrist:


We are thrilled to be collaborating with Belletrist, an online bookclub celebrating the works of modern authors, on Art By The Book . The project was sparked by a coversation between two creators - Carmen Maria Machado, the author of Her Body And Other Parties, and Tappan Artist, Kelsey Shultis. They explored the similarities and differences in their individual practices, which culminated in Shultis creating an original artwork inspired by Machado's book.


Of the book, Shultis said she felt "a sense of hollowness, darkness and mystery that unified and connected so intimately to the concepts I deal with in my own work. I thought about the female body as a vessel, as a house, to be a resident in a body, to reside in a body, in a structure...and the idea of "fading away", that imagery is just so densely rich for me."


Kelsey Shultis Says

"I think my work is incredibly influenced by the books I read, or were read to me as a child. I loved fairytales and my favorite book was Buttermilk. Recently, all I have wanted to paint are dark mossy forest spaces, reminiscent of those childhood tales. Lush but hollow. Somewhat magical and ethereal landscapes."




The result of the collaboration is a beautiful work on paper, titled "Hollow House", which was given away to a lucky member for the Belletrist bookclub.


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