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Partnership - Chelsea Neman x Loeffler Randall -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Partnership - Chelsea Neman x Loeffler Randall

Partnership - Chelsea Neman x Loeffler Randall


Chelsea Neman x Loeffler Randall


Chelsea Neman saw a disconnect in the art world between emerging artists and potential collectors - so she created Tappan Collective. LR loves her keen eye for art and opportunity, and we're excited to share her expert tips on starting your own collection.


Tappan was founded with the idea that we could change the way emerging artists connect with collectors. We support emerging artists by sharing their work through e-commerce, crafting interesting digital context about the artists, and making art approachable to collectors.


My favorite art nooks in L.A. are our artists’ studios—it’s inspiring to be in the space of an artist. We love taking collectors on studio visits and sharing the feeling—the colors, the materials, all the work and the place where it happens.”

Chelsea Neman says

“Collecting is a lifelong process. It’s interesting to look back at the different pieces you acquire over time—some are very representative of a particular moment in time. Buy what you love. I think art and style are similar in that they are an expression of your individuality.”







1. Remember that art is personal.

As the saying goes, “Buy with your eyes, not with your ears.” When you start looking for works, trust what you’re drawn to. Don’t buy it because you think you should.


2. Start getting involved.

Go to gallery openings and fairs. The more you see, the easier it will become to work out what you like.


3. Feel comfortable asking questions about artists and their work. 

Spend time learning about the artists you’re investing in.


4. Only spend what you’re comfortable with. 

One of the founding principles of Tappan was that great art can be bought at any price point.


5. Document your purchases.

The more information you have on the context of your purchase, the better. In years to come, the history of where the work has been, the book from the show it was a part of, or the note the artist wrote you will all increase its value.


6. Ask yourself, “Why am I drawn to this piece?”

Does it make you see life differently? Does it inspire you? Do you like the artist’s technique? As you ask yourself why you’ve purchased the art you have, you will not only learn about yourself, but also become more thoughtful in your future purchases.


7. Just do it.

Once you start buying art, you’ll become more comfortable with the process and then you’ll begin to see what direction you want to take your collection in.





As told by Loeffler Randal


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