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Partnership - Caroline Denervaud of the Heidies x Roksanda

Partnership - Caroline Denervaud of the Heidies x Roksanda

Caroline Denervaud of the Heidies x Roksanda:


For her AW18 collection, Serbian-born designer Roksanda Illincic found inspiration in the work of Tappan artist, Caroline Denervaud. For the designer’s recent London fashion week show, Roksanda commissioned Denervaud to create a three-dimensional set design in the artist’s characteristic style.


Denervaud’s practice explores the the ways that movement can convey intrinsic emotions. Originally trained as a contemporary dancer and choreographer, Denervaud experienced a career-ending injury and turned to the visual arts. Her practice now integrates dance to create marks of movement, time and emotion on materials that are translated into the framework for paintings, drawings and films.


About this partnership

For this collection, Illincic decided to spotlight Denervaud’s work as a means to highlight an emerging artist who shows great promise.




For this collection, Illincic decided to spotlight Denervaud’s work as a means to highlight an emerging artist who shows great promise. On working together, Illincic said, “The DNA of my work is all about colour. Then, at the same time, I am very influenced by art. It’s always what first captures my imagination before I start designing shapes for clothes. Caroline’s work came to me through my friend and as soon as I saw it I just thought there were so many similarities. Particularly with the points of reference and the way colour is used. It was like some sort of revelation, finding someone who I never met and who lives in a different country, but who has so many similarities to my own work! So, on my last visit to Paris I met up with Caroline and I think we immediately bonded in a very interesting way. And that’s where the idea to work together for A/W18 began.”


Denervaud designed not only the sets for the show, but also produced video content for the partnership and artwork for the invitations.

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