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Nevia Pavletic

Nevia Pavletic

Nevia Pavletic


About Nevia Pavletic

Nevia Pavletic is a self-taught visual artist from Zagreb, Croatia, now based in Rockville, MD. As a young child, she identified as an artist, pursuing an artistic practice throughout her life before rigorously dedicating herself to this passion full time in 2015. Pavletic’s work draws on ideas of wholeness, harmony and balance within the grand cosmic experiment that is life. Inspired by metaphysical themes such as the passing of time, cycles of birth and death, and the nature of consciousness, her process is extremely intuitive, drawing on raw emotions of the present moment and emulating nature through an innate sense of texture, composition and color.


2017, Tappan Collective, Los Angeles 



2017, NR Magazine (volume no. 4, RAW), artwork and written contribution

2017, Unconditional Magazine (issue no. 5), artwork feature

2017, Interview with Tatiana Farkas

2017, Interview with Sacred Kin

2016, Kinobi interview (online)

2016, AnyoneGirl; photographs, drawings, and written contribution


2015, M.A., Anthropology, George Mason University

2009, B.A., Sociology, University of Maryland, College Park