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Guest Curated: Lisa Galano -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Guest Curated: Lisa Galano

Guest Curated: Lisa Galano


Guest Curation

Lisa Galano

Lisa Galano studied art throughout the majority of her education, focusing around sculpture, clay, welding and oil painting. It’s this background that makes the art advising aspect of her design firm a special passion that lends its way to guiding new collectors and clients as they build upon their collection. With her team at Lisa Galano Design Consultancy, she works with the likes of Theory, Ritz Carlton and Spotify, and leads with a bold approach to her curations, focusing on works that bring people together and draw the viewer in. We asked her to curate a series of gallery walls that bring our emerging artists together to tell more than just a story of aesthetics.


Tell us a bit about your design work and team...


I started the studio in August of 2016, planning to be a solo operation. However, as the challenges of starting a business became more predictable, and our projects more stable (and dare I say selective) it was evident I needed to build a team, and work to acquire projects that would allow my studio begin incorporating art in a more meaningful way. In the beginning and in former studios, art was often a line item that was value engineered out of projects. We did just that!

After striving for even more diversity in perspectives, I am honored to work with international companies, like Spotify, Ritz Carlton, and Theory. Similarly, RXR and Hungry Ghost Coffee are dream clients with how they always make room, literally and figuratively, for art. We are fortunate that all of our clients embody an openness to art and design, and think big picture about how people will live, work, eat, and reflect in these spaces.


What is your best advice for clients starting or adding to their collection?


Don't focus on where it's going to go, or what it "matches" in your space. Art collecting is about what speaks to you both literally, figuratively, and financially. Try to first respond to artwork that you gravitate towards with a curiosity for trying to understand what the work means to you.


What drives the passion for making art curation a central point in your design philosophy?


My background, and almost career, as a fine artist drives me. Since I was 14, I've been practicing fine art: drawing from a nude model, sculpting with clay, casting, welding metal, painting in oil. Evolving my love of art into the world of design has always presented its challenges. Not everyone is receptive to art as a medium of the mind. It confuses, it challenges, it pushes, it talks back, it intimidates, and my passion for art curation and "guidance", as I like to call it, stems from my belief that it is art which ultimately makes every space feel personal and special. Art draws people together, in many ways, and within interior design that is my number one objective.


Lisa Galano
“This collection’s general theme lies in their commonality of color saturation, an apparent softness and the artist’s use of negative space. These pieces are abstract in the literal perspective and subject, making for an intellectual digestion of their pairing.”

Works from left to right: Speak to Me Of Winter, Long Summers Longer Than Time Can Remember, by Matt McCormick, Alyona 4, by Marc Gabor, The Dune, by Sebastian Weiss, and All Blues No. 2, by James Perkins

Lisa Galano
“The themes for this collection reflect energy, boldness, and an acceptance of reality. Complimentary colors play nicely together, and the movement through all of these pieces, albeit different in subject, tell a story individually and together.”

Works from left to right: Untitled, by Neil Kryszak, Awana 1, by Marc Gabor, and Sea Salt, by Carla Cascales Alimbau
Lisa Galano
“This collection exhibits warmth, a humble confidence, and general abstraction. The works, together, embrace a love for contemporary with a respect for the past, imagination, and self-expression.”

Works from left to right: Bosque de Chapultepec, by Marc Gabor, Cheyann 3, by Marc Gabor, Sunshine, by Georgia Elrod, and Squares (in Pink), by Cheryl Humphreys
“The depth here evokes thought beyond the art, similar to classical landscape paintings or photography. Word art does something to the mind that is similar to landscapes. Applying or interpreting the text for one’s own understanding, and similar to landscapes the artist’s perspective feels relatable or unfamiliar; a crystallization of the unquenched curiosity of art.”

Works from left to right: Not Far, by Luke Chiswell, New Sands Other Side, by James Needham, and Malanazar 24, by Ilka Kramer

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