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Jonni Cheatwood

Jonni Cheatwood

Jonni Cheatwood


About Jonni Cheatwood

Jonni Cheatwood is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Stitching canvases together using found fabric, Cheatwood’s works begin at the sewing machine as an autobiographical patchwork of “inorganic forms”. In a multi-faceted and interactive process, the artist considers his expressionist mark making at every stage, moving works to the studio floor, then to the walls and back again, simultaneously moving between canvases. His graffiti-like scribbles, scratches and primitive colors are freewheeling yet deliberate. Intuitively embracing, repeating and then responding to the accidental marks that can occur, Cheatwood stitches together a reflection of his perceived experience of the city in which he lives.


"Process is everything for me as a painter. There has always been this game going on in my practice of balancing negative space and structure, which I love. I tend to use differing fabrics that I sew together to allow my paintings to take a breath when they need to. I try to include everything I can within a canvas without overwhelming myself, as well as the viewer. I focus on the interaction with the viewer of the painting, as I want my audience to feel involved. For example, when I write something within a canvas, make a mark, use a color, sew, or let my work roll around my studio floor, I'm interacting. I'm trying to convey an honesty by showing you the bones of this painting, as well as my process, and not just what's on the surface.” - Jonni Cheatwood



2011 BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ



2015, "Don't Lift Your Heroes Up So High" Palabra, Phoenix, AZ

2014, "Alysian" Prohibition Gallery, Culver City, CA

2013, "Paint It Black" Dirty Laundry, Los Angeles

2013, "New City Studios Presents" New City Studios, Phoenix, AZ

2012, "Glory & Consequence" Artlink A.E. England Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2012, "Movement_:2" Foco Gallery, Portland, OR



2015, "UNICEF Next Generation" 800 Main, Venice, CA

2013, "The Time We Can Not Meet" Gallery 4731, Detroit, MI

2011, "Rhythmic Sensation" Sun Dust Gallery, Mesa, Z.

2003, Conejo Valley Young Artist Showcase, Thousand Oaks, CA



2015, The Pepsi Challenge (forthcoming), global project (artwork in collaboration with Usher.)

2015, Yoobi X Usher, national project (artwork in collaboration with Usher).

2014, BARE MADE, signature artist series bags, Denver, CO