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Jan Prengel -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Jan Prengel

Jan Prengel


About Jan Prengel

Jan Prengel is a photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. The main subjects of his work are modern architecture and urban spaces, as well as the passing figures who bring these spaces to life. Prengel utilizes a minimalist style to convey the silent beauty of stark architectural surroundings. He studied photography at the Lazi Akademie in Esslingen, Germany and has exhibited work in Germany and the US.


“With squinting eyes I walk through the streets of this beautiful city while the evening sun shines in my face and bathes the buildings and places in a warm light. I absorb the many new visual impressions, smells and sounds of this city. Suddenly my eyes stop, two steps further and there it is, the perfect composition, everything is in the right place, the individual elements fit together harmoniously and appear in front of me like a painting…

Inspired by modern architecture, abstract art and the urban life of european cities, I try to create perfect compositions where your eyes come to rest, compositions which 'feel' right. Sensitive to my surroundings, I capture the moments and images that life offers me, which are so often full of beauty but unperceived.

With my photography I want to give them the deserved importance and attention.”
- Jan Prengel



2012 - 2015 Photography, Lazi Akademie, Germany



2017, '2017 Holiday Exhibition', Root Studios, New York 2015, 'KFDA', Lazi Akademie, Esslingen, Germany 2014, 'Impuls', Das Dick, Esslingen, Germany