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Composition Verdad #3 (Red) Composition Verdad #3 (Red)

Gabrielle Teschner

Composition Verdad #3 (Red)

Original Textile

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Acrylic ink, cotton | 2019

Increasingly finding interest in the space surrounding the central form depicted in her artwork, Teschner reflects on how the painted background is just as necessary as every other part, as it holds it together, and there would be no object without it. “Outside my window the morning light is illuminating the leaves of a maple tree. Inside, it is only a play of shapes on the floor. Just as this filtered light—without weight or substance—acquires identity separate from the tree, in these works, I shift the focus of what is essential in my sculptures.” The first of this series was made during her time in Merida, Mexico.


21.5 x 20.5 inches


Floated: 26.5 x 25.5 x 2 inches


Signed by artist.

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