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Exhibition - Tappan in London -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Exhibition - Tappan in London

Exhibition - Tappan in London


Our inaugural international exhibition — London:


October 2017

London, UK


Los Angeles-based online platform, Tappan, is very pleased to present its first international pop-up exhibition featuring new works by London-based artists Daniel Fletcher and Michael Wall at the design concept space, Béton Brut in East London.  Inspired by the craftsmanship of modernist sculpture and the Neo Geometric Abstraction of the 1980s, artist Michael Wall playfully explores 


ideas of form, shape, and color through a vast range of printing, painting, and sculptural techniques.Rooted in the desire to express feelings and emotion through through the personification of marks and form, Daniel Fletcher creates a familiar and accessible language through which to address the exhilarations and anxieties of his own life as well as the universal insecurities and optimisms of a collective society. Fletcher’s work is a poignant reflection of contemporary preoccupation with the public stage and the use of comic icons to express emotion.

About Michael Wall

Working primarily with pastel, acrylic, and powdered pigment on hand crafted wood panels or paper, Wall’s simple yet articulately balanced compositions of abstract forms seek to engage the viewer, both individual and collective.





For this exhibition, Wall continues his exploration of abstract form and the juxtaposition of shapes in large scale diptychs and single paneled works incorporating a distinct new hue of green to his predominantly black, blue yellow, red, and nude palette.



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