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Dana Veraldi | Tappan Residency -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Dana Veraldi | Tappan Residency

Dana Veraldi | Tappan Residency


Dana Veraldi | Tappan Residency


What ideas and concepts did you have in mind for your residency with Tappan?

I started my residency with a few ideas - based around portraiture of my friends, family and legendary known figures. I brought watercolors with me to experiment with color and paint - as I usually work with ink, pen and pencil.

What came to fruition? What shifted into something else?

I ended up doing a series of known figures who inspire me, a series of drawings based on old family photos and a water color text series.


Dana Veraldi says

“I often draw people from pop culture so it was a fun experiment to draw those closest to me - my immediate family. Simple, gestural and evoking a sense of togetherness and fond memories.”








Did LA or its landscape play any inspiration for you during your time here?

My daily routine while doing the residency was really structured which I do think helped me to focus well on my work.

What works are you most excited about?

I am most excited about my family series because it is something different than I normally draw and I have an obvious personal connection to the work!

Can you explain the two series we're releasing?

The Legend Portraits are drawings of some of my current inspirational figures - people I'd love to have dinner with. The Family Series are drawings based on old family photos, drawn more raw and gestural.

Why haven't you sold original portraits before? How have your portraits evolved over the years?

I have only sold prints in the past because I have been nervous to let go of an original portrait drawing - though it's exciting! I am excited for this series to end up in loving homes. My portraits have become a bit more detailed but still have a somewhat childlike sensibility as I am trained in fine art drawing.

What's next for you? Anything exciting coming up this fall?

I am working on a photography series based on the concept of family and siblings. I hope to do a collaboration with a home brand and my line DEERDANA. I just started a new side company with my siblings called Animalia, so we are currently working on our holiday items featuring my drawings of wildlife!


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About Dana Veraldi

Dana Veraldi is a visual artist based in New York City, NY. Veraldi is best known for her hand-drawn portraits of cultural icons and her label DEERDANA, which she founded with partner Kevin Tekinel. Her practice employs a distinctive style of two-dimensional, monochromatic line drawing. Focusing on the outlines of her subjects, she typically uses solid pigment rather than shading or color to draw contrast. Although rooted in the realistic portrayal of visual objects, her broad, somewhat minimalist strokes eliminate nuanced features, resulting in a cartoonish but contoured representation. Veraldi graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


2007 BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art



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