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Dafy Hagai -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Dafy Hagai

Dafy Hagai


About Dafy Hagai

Dafy Hagai is a director and photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. While earning her Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communications and working mostly on video projects she began taking an interest in analogue photography, first shooting 35 m”m and then on medium format film. After returning to Israel from a long period in NYC, she began exploring unique landscapes her home country has to offer, being influenced from Americana photographers and directors. Her sense for direction lead her to create her world of aesthetic values while mixing a graphic narrative. She draws her inspiration from fashion and formalistic photography, with an emphasis on symbolism and semiotics she focused on in her studies.


Her visual language is minimalistic, color oriented and graphic, while dealing with subjects such as female and beauty ideals, Israeli and local aesthetics, and the connection between fashion, landscape and art. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dafy Hagai is a director and photographer. Drawn to real moments and places that evoke nostalgia, her predilection for a minimalistic, color oriented and graphic visual language permeates her work. One can similarly feel the simmering notion of female empowerment as she intertwines elements of fashion into her work. Recently, Dafy collaborated with the Swedish brand Eytys on a campaign that features models selected off the street with their own families in the Israeli desert. Undoubtedly powerful, Dafy continues to push the boundaries and shows the world what it looks like through her unique lens. Dafy's work has been featured in magazines such as VICE, Dazed & Confused, Wax, Vault, Juice & Dreck. She has self published two zines and is working on a new photography book out soon.


2012, Bachelor of Design Degree, Visual Communication Department, H.I.T



"Pink", 2017, curated by Luis Venegas, Colette, Paris, France

"Body Talk", 2016, curated by Maya Fuhr and Dev Pastel for Contact photo festival. Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

"This Is Me Not Being You", 2016, curated by Micaela Flenda. Super Studio 13, Milan, Italy.

"Take Me Home", 2015, curated by Grace Miceli. Alt Space gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2015, Broken Relationships, Curated by Sarah Peguine and Gil Zeevi, Gavirol Gallery, Tel Aviv

2015, The Edition Show, Curated by Jurgen Maelfeyt, Riot Gallery, Ghent

"Girlfriends", 2015, curated by Dafy Hagai for Printed Matter art book fair. MOCA, Los Angeles.

2015, LA Art Book Fair, “Girlfriends” table, curated by Dafy Hagai, MOCA, LA

"Girlfriends" 2014, curated by Dafy Hagai for Printed Matter art book fair. Moma PS1, NY.

2014, Gynolandscape, Sponsored by American Apparel, Curator: Petra Collins, Four81, NYC

2014, Jaffa International Photography Festival Jaffa Port, IL



2012, Google Photography Prize in collaboration with Saatchi Gallery, London



Contemporary View of Fashion Photography: Ron Kedmi Photography Workshop, Photography Department, Hadassah College, Jerusalem



"Spring" by Dafy Hagai, 2018, published by Perimeter books.

"Golden Showers" by Dafy Hagai, 2016, published by Perimeter books.

"Sunset" by Dafy Hagai, 2015, published by Perimeter books.

"Babe" by Petra Collins, 2015, published by Prestel books.

"Israeli Girls" by Dafy Hagai, 2014, published by Art Paper Editions.