Sally Campbell

Co-founder of Somesuch
Producer & Interior Designer

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Sally Campbell

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Whether she’s leading an award-winning production company or curating distinctive interior design, Sally Campbell is driven by an intrinsic artistry.

Sally is the Co-Founder of Somesuch, a premiere production company both in the realms of artistic innovation and cultural equity practices. This year alone, Somesuch has won an Oscar for Best Short Film (Live Action), a VMA, 7 Cannes Lions, and Sally was named one of AdAge’s Leading Women of 2022. She also owns and operates, News From Nowhere, a boutique interior design company that cultivates homes through a lens of community and place.

Born in New Zealand, and having spent 20 years living in London, Sally relocated to Los Angeles at the end of 2017 with her husband and business partner, Tim, and their 9 year old daughter, Missy.
Sally has eclectic taste, she has been collecting her whole life. She saves the more crazy stuff for her own home–filling it with art... Mostly modern, folk and emerging artists, a rich colour palette and a mixture of vintage furniture.
Every wall has something on it, and the spaces between are full of collectible pieces.

Sally’s intention is for people to smile and have fun at her home, always noticing something new and a little bit surprising...
Her home is an original treasure chest, the opposite of ‘interior designed’ and uptight...

“Design can be austere, but it can also be rich, bold and colorful... It could even make you smile.”
Sally Campbell
Green Road by Katie Burdon and Ring Road by Molly Berman

“Another eye…. A coincidence? Likely not.
The world is a tough place, it’s often hard to look.
To me this bust, emerging from behind a sharp collage is not scared but tired of what it has witnessed.
The bust looks old, Roman, but the collage is modern, so the emotion it alights in me is as relevant today as it was then...
The human struggle. “Have I seen too much, is there hope?”” On Leigh Wells's Visage 01

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“James Needham’s photography always gives me the ‘feels’.
Mixed feelings...
The immensity of America. The poverty. Loneliness. Emptiness. But still so much beauty.
They can also make me smile...
This one made me giggle.
A beautiful photo, with that loneliness his images invoke in me–but with a message so strong, so clear I want it on my epitaph... ” On James Needham's Shop Us Last

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“I absolutely love all of Sanaa Gateja’s work.
I can feel the influence of his Ugandan heritage, but also hear the message he’s sending about the importance of family...
I’m also a massive fan of tapestry and bead work. The craftsmanship in these pieces is extraordinary.
Gateja is environmentally conscious, he works with recycled and natural materials, his beads handmade by women. I’m pretty obsessed with him as an artist and a human.” On Sanaa Gateja's Nuclear Family

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“Another sculpture by another incredibly talented artist.
I love Alymamah Rashed’s paintings, but this sculpture got me.
The eye looking upwards on the end of what I believe to be a twisted, straight jacketed body.
The weight of what the eye sees holding it down. Yet still open. Hopeful.
The human battle with the modern world and love, empathy, identity” On Alymamah Rashed's I Found My Earth Within Your Mud (I Hold My Eyes Open to You)

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