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Collector Profile - Song Of Style

Collector Profile - Song Of Style

Collector Profile - Song Of Style


Office Tour with Aimee Song:


Design blogger and Youtuber Aimee Song gives readers a view into her curated collection of artworks by Tappan artists in her Song of Style Office Tour. The brightly colored artworks foster a sense of collective creativity among Song’s collaborative staff.


Aimee Song’s Tappan collection features Eric Chakeen’s Rose, Annelie Vandendael’s Flamingo 1, and Marleigh Culver’s #47 and #5, and Gia Coppola’s Chateau Marmont. Song’s wall artworks tie in the funky playfulness of her sourced furniture and office pieces to create a comfortable workspace that doesn’t break the bank.


Marleigh Culver says

"My work is translating my feelings into physical work."



Eric Chakeen’s photography captures daily pauses and glimpses, hinting at an imminent discovery. Tapping into the shared human experience, Chakeen creates familiar and ponderous images.



Marleigh Culver’s abstract digital paintings bubble with emotion and pop with color. Abstraction of organic forms allows the viewer to sculpt their personal narrative guided by vivid hues.



Annelie Vandendael’s photography brims with bold individuality. Responding to the standards of fashion photography, Vandendael’s artwork features empowerment and unapologetic personality through playful narratives. Vandendael’s work illuminates the space with reminders of the beauty in creative freedom.


Gia Coppola’s photography encapsulates the magic of sun-drenched Los Angeles. Coppola’s photographs have a wonderfully cinematic quality, stemming from her work as a filmmaker. High-fashion and gentle tones are characteristic of Gia Coppola’s dreamy aesthetic.


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