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Collector Profile - Rumi Neely -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Collector Profile - Rumi Neely

Collector Profile - Rumi Neely




Founder of Are You Am I and Fashion Toast, Rumi Neely


Launched in 2014 by Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely, Are You Am I is a luxury fashion line influenced by Rumi's personal style and California edge. Every fabric, stitch and finish is meticulously selected. 


It only makes sense that the Are You Am I studio reflects the commitment to design integrity, quality and Rumi's aesthetic. We selected works that embody her rock-and-roll yet feminine and effortless California style.  



"I wanted the gallery wall to be inspired by the things Im inspired by, romance and the 90's."


 Gia Coppola captures the allure of sunny Los Angeles through a focus on high-fashion depicted in soft tones. Coppola's aesthetic is reminiscent of hazy daydreams, presenting a somewhat otherworldly perspective through everyday imagery.  


Eric Chakeen experiments with perspective and context to create familiar images with open-ended narratives. Allowing the viewer to make personal connections, Chakeen utilizes collective experiences as a foundation for discovery.


Emily Knecht's photography explores feminine power through a connection to nature. Women juxtaposed by the enormity of rocks, rivers, and trees have a playful, ponderous quality.


Travis Schneider's experience with documenting live musicians through film and videography enhanced his ability to capture unique moments. Travis's diverse interests create an intriguing body of work within a defined framework.


Marc Gabor's photography reflects his passion for travel and adventure. Documenting his experiences allows Gabor to create an archive of what was once a great unknown.


The primarily figure-driven photographs by Tappan artists channel Rumi Neely's interest in the human form. Celebrating creativity through movement embodies Are You Am I's brand statement for "girls that get it." The notes of natural elements coupled with glamour throughout the curated photographs reflect Are You Am I's dedication to tasteful, comfortable fashion for living life beautifully.


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