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Luke Chiswell

Last Try

Limited Edition Print
$ 1,700.00

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Screen print on canvas | 2021

While looking through visual diaries from his time living in Los Angeles, Luke Chiswell discovered old working titles he’d once written for future works. Recognizing that process is such a significant element of his work, Chiswell memorialized the notes, creating screen prints on paper and canvas. The resulting series “Working Titles” rejects the concept of starting and finishing an artwork by depicting trial, error, and moments of development. Each note features text in Chiswell’s signature script, a form of abstract mark making that pushes the boundaries of language and legibility.


19.685 x 19.685 inches


Signed by artist.
The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

Luke Chiswell

Featured in Hypebeast and Vogue UK, painter, sculptor and printmaker Luke Chiswell explores how the continual use of everyday objects--like skateboards and hotel stationery -- can hold a record of aspiration, error and accomplishment.