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Collector Profile - How You Glow Girls -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Collector Profile - How You Glow Girls

Collector Profile - How You Glow Girls


Collector Profile, How You Glow Girls:


The Ladies behind How You Glow


Certified Yoga Instructor and Art Therapist Jessie De Lowe provides life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences to clients across the globe. She has made a name for herself in the industry, focusing on holistic multisensory healing, and through workshops that blend the practices of yoga with aromatherapy, meditation, journaling and art making. Jessie inspires people to live the most vibrant life possible. 

Natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist Tara Sawalty is a healer by trade. She guides her clients towards a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle, incorporating nutrition counseling, bespoke meal planning, and health-supportive cooking. The core of her cooking philosophy balances organic, gluten-free, and plant-based ingredients, while never sacrificing on taste and flavor. She specializes in farmer’s market-driven ingredients and gets inspiration from local and seasonal produce. Sowlaty encourages clients to live the best life possible; her lifestyle plan taps into a person’s inner glow – a positive vibrational energy that radiates from the inside out. 


Tara and Jessie on Tappan

"Having art in your living environment is an essential part of glowing for us, and thankfully Tappan is making it more accessible to all."





Heather Day is an artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Day grew up in Hawaii and along the east coast of the United States, finally moving to San Francisco after graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art history. Her background in travel and culture encouraged her to see more of the world, where she discovered a connection to nature—her main source of inspiration. Day’s art is a form of visual storytelling interested in conveying moments of interactions. She works primarily with paint and non-traditional materials, and is known for her murals. The philosophy that everything is a product of an experience frames each work, conveying stories of movement and ideas of color through seams, lines, and layers. Heather Day travels seeking stories of all kinds—stories behind people, places, sound, and nature—and brings them home to her Oakland studio to create an interpretation. Day chooses to communicate these interpretations through layers of overlapping paint, expressing moments at every seam, edge, and line. Each mark represents her language of dynamic motion, allowing compositions to read like handwriting—from one side to another.



Dafy Hagai is a director and photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. While earning her Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communications and working mostly on video projects she began taking an interest in analogue photography, first shooting 35 m”m and then on medium format film. After returning to Israel from a long period in NYC, she began exploring unique landscapes her home country has to offer, being influenced from Americana photographers and directors. Her sense for direction lead her to create her world of aesthetic values while mixing a graphic narrative. She draws her inspiration from fashion and formalistic photography, with an emphasis on symbolism and semiotics she focused on in her studies. Her visual language is minimalistic, color oriented and graphic, while dealing with subjects such as female and beauty ideals, Israeli and local aesthetics, and the connection between fashion, landscape and art.


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