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Collector Profile - Emily Henderson

Collector Profile - Emily Henderson

Collector Profile - Emily Henderson


Collector Profile, Emily Henderson:


Emily Henderson is a host with HGTV, best selling author and stylist with a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable home style for everyone.  


I’m Oregon bred, New York trained and reluctantly adopted by L.A. I’m a home style expert who spends time designing, styling, art directing, writing, hosting TV shows, running and writing this blog, and trying to keep my son (and soon to be daughter) normal in Hollywood. I’m currently Target’s Home Spokesperson and kinda loving every single second of trying to figure out the world of new media.


About the collection

These texture-focused artworks explore art history and cultural anthropology.






Molly Berman’s most recent series explores poignant moments and scenes in small towns along the Mississippi Delta and the other in Icelandic seaside communities. By photographing each town’s unique landscapes and the people who inhabit them, Berman captures haunting images that together allude to a larger narrative.

This series is inspired by T.S. Eliot’s theory of the “objective correlative”. Berman has attempted to translate this literary premise into an artistic practice by photographing inanimate objects in a way that evokes human emotions. This series was exhibited in Tappan's group show, Dressed Up Normal in May of 2016.


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