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Collector Profile - Chango & Co. -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Collector Profile - Chango & Co.

Collector Profile - Chango & Co.


Collector Profile: Chango & Co.

Design firm, Chango & Co’s recent Rumson New Modern project showcases a client’s enviable art collection, including works by a host of Tappan artists.

“The client’s art collection was our catalyst to design a home that felt gallery-like. We relied on the art to provide much of the color while keeping the main areas of the home in neutrals,” said Susana Simonpietri, Creative Director at Chango & Co.


Susana Simonpietri says

“The client’s art collection was our catalyst to design a home that felt gallery-like.”


In the renovated living space, Michael Wall’s graphic works on panels punctuate the airy, open space. In the master bedroom, Gabrielle Teschner’s textile pillars ground the room in serene stability. And finally, in the children’s quarters, buoyant pops of color from Marleigh Culver add an element of exuberance.

“In the case of this home, we had a very modern and design-educated client moving into a suburban home which needed some real edge infused into it. Our goal was to make the home feel lighter and less traditional,” explained Simonpietri. The end result definitely delivers a sense of playfulness, while showcasing the client’s collection immaculately.”

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Images provided by Chango & Co.


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