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Collector Profile - Andi Potamkin

Collector Profile - Andi Potamkin

Collector Profile - Andi Potamkin


Collector Profile: Andi Potamkin


Andi Potamkin Blackmore is a private art dealer and founder of LeMise, a Brooklyn-based art and design advisory firm. Potamkin curates exhibitions and installations for both public and private institutions across the globe.


"I've been surrounded by art my whole life. We all are. That's cheesy, I know, but it's true. There is art everywhere if you know how to look for it. My father is a big collector of ancient Egyptian art, so I grew up in a house filled with mummies and canopic jars. My mother on the other hand is drawn to modern art. Seeing that dialog, which in my opinion is far more interesting than anything one-note, is what got me interested in the context and conversation between art works."


More from Andi on her relationship with artists 

"I would say the base of my relationship with any artist is that I am a fan: a fan of their work, of their process, of their person." 





We love your selection of Tappan pieces. What do you consider when curating a selection of work?



Thank you! Well, I had a really gorgeous body of works to select from... That's always a good start, I guess: to have high quality work. If the work is good overall, then my first step is to just spend time with all the pieces I have at my disposal. I try not to make initial judgements until I can see everything in one place. Some pieces, when put together, become greater than the sum of their parts, you know?


I lay all the images out on the floor and wait to see what pieces jump out at me, and which are drawn to each other. Then it honestly happens quite fluidly: I start to gather pairs and groupings, and a story begins to write itself. Once I see the story, it gets really fun. I pull in additional pieces that create a dialog, help translate the overall energy.


For this Tappan selection, the hardest part was that there were so many good pieces. They all compliment each other beautifully, because you guys have exceptional vision and already did a lot of the hard work. But I was feeling very feminine desert vibes when I put this together. Kind of like a beautiful young woman planting succulents and sketching with charcoal in a dusty desert house situation.


Images by Coveteur 



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