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Wanderlust Works

Wanderlust Works

Wanderlust Works




Tappan invites you to explore our curated collection of artworks focusing on a sense of wanderlust. Wanderlust defines one's innate desire to roam, travel, and discover.


This collection of work by Tappan artists investigates and exposes varied elements of being. Clichéd and true, not all those who wander are lost. The spectrum of feelings illuminates the work.


About the collection

"Not all those who wander are lost."



The love of adventure and yearning for discovery is embedded in this selection of artwork. A glimpse into worlds beyond the everyday enables a sense of ponderous escapism.



Active and dreamy, wanderlust excites the mind for infinite possibilities. Inspiring creative thought and ambition, these Tappan artworks will seamlessly fit into any live or work space.




Lani Trock's art practice is informed by her childhood ventures into the lush wilderness of Hawaii and California's rugged landscape. Documenting plants and organic forms describe human's tenuous relationship with the world. With an interest in where technology and art meet, Lani Trock's process is intuitive and experimental. The primary objective of her practice is to advocate for the peaceful evolution and spiritual elevation of mankind.


Alice Quaresma creates imaginary landscapes through her whimsical collages. Utilizing photography and abstraction, Quaresma explores societal structures and globalization. As a Brazilian-American, identity is central to her inspiration. While pushing the confines of photography, she continues to explore the physical aspects of photo-making, as she uses images from her personal photo archive to elaborate on ideas of displacement.


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