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César Vega

César Vega

César Vega is a Nicaraguan photographer living and working in New York City. His goals are honest, his work is sincere, and his appetite is insatiable. This Promised Land is a collection of photographs taken over 13,000 miles of travel throughout the United States. His latest endeavor, Café Integral, brings exceptional Nicaraguan coffee out from the shadows and onto your doorstep. His current work-in-progress, Ojala, is a tale of trials, tribulations, bounty, and dearth in the Nicaraguan north.

César Vega

Diptych, Nevada or maybe Utah.

$ 220.00

ABOUT THE ARTWORK One of the most impressive and mysterious parts of this country is the non-specific southwest. On a drive one afternoon, we came across these pools that seemed...

César Vega

Marfa, Texas

$ 110.00

ABOUT THE ARTWORK The drive to Marfa was a good one. We'd spent some time together by then, and had finally settled in. Unless maybe you've grown up with someone,...

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