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Brant Ritter

About Brant Ritter

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Brant Ritter studied architecture at Lehigh University before receiving his MFA from The University of Pennsylvania. His art career began in earnest after moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2001. It was while working at several of Los Angeles’ most prestigious art galleries that he met and assisted such contemporary luminaries as Carl Andre, James Turrell and Mark DiSuvero. In 2006, Brant left the contemporary gallery scene to start his design company. He continues to explore the themes of material, form, and space both through his art making as well as through his built environments and contemporary furniture.


"It is my hope that while my work may, initially, appear basic in format; the viewer is obliged to engage the work in a different kind of dialogue than an art that depends upon extensive internal/ pictorial relationships.


I am interested in exploring external relationships, particularly those connections that are governed by the forces and elements of the physical world.


My art making process revolves around an ongoing exploration of the physical phenomena that comprise our known universe. Fundamental elements of the universe, such as light, gravity, and electromagnetism interact and affect all matter.


Architectural considerations such as size, scale, shape, line, edge, light, transparency & opacity and texture as well as material begin to define the formal concerns within the work.


I take a systematic approach to making my work. Carefully considering the materials to use, the format as well as the fabrication. Each step is thoroughly thought out prior to execution. I strive to minimize unnecessary movements in the making of my work. This approach allows the work to be clear and structured within a given system of thoughts and ideas.


Working within a convergence of art, architecture and sculpture the potential for intellectual exploration as well as the arising of new forms and art practices excite me." - Brant Ritter



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1998 - Charles Addams Prize, University of Pennsylvania, PA

This annual award is given to two students who have shown to follow in the excellence set forth by Charles Addams, creator of the Addams Family and University of Pennsylvania alumna. This award is the highest honor that matriculating graduate students in fine arts can obtain.


1997 - Grumear Award, University of Pennsylvania, PA

The artist was awarded this grant for exhibiting excellence in the utilization and exploration of color.


1991-1995 - Hoover Scholarship, Lehigh University, PA