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Black and White Gallery Wall

Black and White Gallery Wall

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With our shoppable curated gallery walls, each piece that you see featured above is to scale and everything down to the size and framing choice has been preselected for you so you can have a gallery wall in just one click.  Of course, every space is different and if, for any reason, you want a piece or two swapped out, you can always do that in your cart.

Ilka Kramer

MalaNazar 10

$ 225.00

DESCRIPTION This photographic series MalaNazar by Ilka Kramer beautifully abstracts our perception of space and landscape. "In a time where we lose direct contact with nature, we accede to it only by our view....

Michael Wall

Mono II


DESCRIPTION 35.5x47", powdered pigments and paint on wood panel, 2016  By encompassing simple forms and block colors, Wall aims to engage a reaction from the viewer, allowing them to decide...

Gabrielle Teschner

Rule (In the Dark)

$ 1,400.00

DESCRIPTION  acrylic ink on muslin, 18x27", 2015 Teschner calls the works on fabric “Sculpture That is Flat”. They are ways of working and thinking through ideas of three-dimensionality and the...

BB Mantis

The Pomegranates

$ 380.00

DESCRIPTION 11x15", pen and ink on watercolor paper  “As the astral and etheric realm get closer to physicality, you can see the effect of the dots taking shape and forming...