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Inkana Inkana

Alarah Gee


Original Work on Paper

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Ink on Murano paper | 2019

An integral part of Gee’s practice is to explore all mediums of expression, and to become proficient in all drawing processes. From the intricacy and delicate nature of the pencil, to the striking and vivid application of ink. In this body of work, she applies her distinct approach to Sumi ink drawing with a strong focus on the beauty that each individual stroke of the brush can create. Gee has dedicated time to learning the practical variations of bold lines, crisp dashes, delicate dots, curves and straight lines, and how they can be applied to convey complete objects and geometric forms true to her style. Gee’s understanding of each brush stroke and chosen concentration of the ink represents texture, value and depth in each composition.

“My brushes have their own precise nature, yet vary in weight and width, allowing each piece to be as delicate or bold as my mood, and as willing as my dexterity, which always make for something interesting, and why some pieces have evolved into more emotionally charged arrangements and outcomes - Viva la Ink!”


28 x 19.75 inches


Floated: 33 x 24.75 x 2 inches


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.


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