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August 14, 2016

We are excited to introduce our Monthly Artist Newsletter, where we'll share what our creative Tappan community is doing, introduce you to new Tappan artists, and share recent editorial on the site. The goal of this monthly newsletter is to connect us all and keep each other informed about all the incredible successes of our talented artists. 


We are thrilled to announce three new artists who have joined our roster this spring & summer. Each working in unique media, these three initiate provoking conversations through their execution, bringing the utmost attention to detail into their compositions. Learn about their practice & explore their work on Tappan. 


Silkscreen printer Daniel Fletcher joined Tappan this spring, bringing an impressive body of original silkscreen prints and an eye for perfection in the details. Fletcher's silkscreens are rooted in a desire to create an emotion or feeling through the personification of marks and form. The works ability to disguise this emotion beneath an accessible, representational language allows a viewer to interact with the pieces on multiple levels.

He debuted with his silkscreen series FeelsWe can't wait to see what he does next. 

Shop his collection here. 


Brazilian NY-based artist Alice Quaresma brings a particular style of work to Tappan that bridges the gap between photography and collage. While pushing the confines of photography, she continues to explore the physical aspects of photo-making, as she uses images from her personal photo archive to elaborate on ideas of displacement and identity. She uses her own life experience as an individual living in a foreign country and the difficulty of finding a personal identity as a major source of inspiration. “I am letting subjective decisions exist in my work the same way we deal with the unexpected in life," explains Quaresma. "Lately, I have been calling my artwork 'photo-objects'. With these, I am bringing volume, texture and the idea of time as a mutated condition to the work."

Our personal favorite, Wonderland 05


Boston-based artist Kate Drewniak joined the roster this summer, bringing beautiful, unique textile & paper pieces, tinkering on the line between painting, collage, and sculpture. We asked Kate how she arrived at creating such a unique form of art-making, "I studied painting in art school, but luckily I was encouraged to explore other media as well. I was doing a lot of sewing and experimented with making 3d forms out of fabric and sewing tea stained paper/forming it into installations and 3d pieces as well. I also started basic bookbinding and making my own sketchbooks with vintage book covers. I didn't want to waste the entire inside of the books, so I started trying to find ways to incorporate the paper into my art. It pretty much went full circle and I started sewing the paper together again."

Explore her new series of mixed media works.



JONNI CHEATWOOD at Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills

Closing August 19

Austin-based Claire Oswalt has been selected as Yen Magazine's Guest Artist for Issue 84. Be sure to pick up a copy and read about Claire's practice. Claire has new works on Tappan's site, too! Take a look. 

Jenny Sharaf (SF) was selected as the Featured Artist for the Paris-based ad agency La Pac's 40th Anniversary Party. The project included several large-scale paint installations and site-specific video projections throughout the entire four-level building.
Photo credit: @clementineburen, @romrom, @streetartnews.

NY-based photographer Brian Merriam took over The New Yorker photo Instagram a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out his beautiful shots of Alaska on their feed. 

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