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Jenni Kayne

Jenni welcomed us into her beautiful home, where she has styled our newest Tappan x Jenni Kayne collaboration within her extensive art collection.

The light-filled space is gorgeous, just as we would expect of the fashion and lifestyle mogul. Find out more about the collaboration and Jenni's home aesthetic in the interview below...

 Tell us about the Home collection and why you decided to branch out into interiors?

I’ve always wanted do a home collection but at the same time I didn’t want to rush it. Over the years we’ve carefully grown our selection of home items made by likeminded, mostly local designers. We have such a beautiful assortment now, and I think our customers really understand our point of view and think of us as a lifestyle brand. In the last year or so it felt like the stage was finally set for a Jenni Kayne Home launch. I couldn’t be more excited. I have always been passionate about interiors and love designing my own homes and stores.

Why did Tappan feel like the right partner when exploring art for Jenni Kayne?

I love how edited Tappan's assortment of works and artists is, while still having a range of options for people to explore and connect with. What Tappan offers is accessible but still really elevated and special and I hope our customers see us the same way. And the fact that the company was founded by two women and is based in LA is a plus! 

How would you best describe your aesthetic? How does that translate from fashion into interiors and art?

Classic, natural, organic, neutral, muted, soft, clean. I am influenced by California, nature, architecture, and the ideas of “quiet luxury” and “warm minimalism”. My apparel collection is not high concept, it's all about ease and wearability and realness, so it hasn't been difficult to translate those ideas into interior design and art. It's the same fabrics, and colors, and effortlessness. 

Why were you drawn to the works of Marc Gabor?

I love the movement in Marc's photos, however subtle it may be, and his sense of color which is muted without being washed out. The monochromatic palette of his photos is easy to decorate with and has a dreamy, transporting effect. I also love that he is from Southern California and see and feel that in his work very much! 

What style of art do you tend to lean towards in your home? Landscapes, abstract, photography etc

I tend to gravitate towards photography and paintings that depict nature. I love portraits and other types of artistic expressions, but nature is where I draw the most inspiration as a creative person. It's also the kind of work I love sharing with my children. You always deeply remember the artwork you grew up with, so I think about that when selecting pieces for my home. 

Do you have any tips for incorporating art into your home space?

Where you place art in your home is very personal and depends on your connection to the work. One option is to think about how the art makes you feel, and then match that mood to the appropriate room. You might want something quiet and tranquil in a bedroom, and something more lively in your entertaining rooms. But colors also matter. How the colors in the work tie in with the furniture and decor is also important. One advantage to decorating in neutrals is that you rarely run into problems in this regard! 

What is your personal mantra?

Less is more. Not everyone is a minimalist but I am happier with fewer things that are well-made and thoughtfully chosen, whether in my wardrobe, my home, or my beauty routine. I also apply this mantra to my business! I only partner with brands that truly feel like are the right fit for me, and work with my team to grow our business at a pace that allows us to maintain our quality and aesthetic vision. That sometimes means turning down opportunities, or waiting a long time for things to come to fruition, but it's worth it. 


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Images by Angi Welsch


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