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Ignant x Ali Beletic

May 2016 

Ignant x Ali Beletic

Living and working in the Sonoran desert, Ali Beletic creates an experience allowing access to ancient emotions and latent instincts through her conceptual art instillations. 

From traditional gallery and field work to adventure-driven parties, Beletic’s intention is to evoke wild instincts within the context of the art world. And so the motives such as primeval rituals, vast natural spaces and liberating journeys carry throughout her work, inviting the viewers – or participants – to recreate the experience of their ancestors.

Speaking about her practice, the artist says: “My work deals with the rich history that humanity has in its past. I am constantly trying to create a space or experience where the modern art-goer can be reminded of their own ancestral history – most importantly on a visceral level.”

Photos courtesy of Ali Beletic