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Emily Henderson & Orlando Soria



Orlando Soria, the west coast creative director of Homepolish, teamed up with HGTV star designer Emily Henderson to style her dining room with art from Tappan Collective! read the full story on
Orlando says the space "needed some life. It needed art... Tappan and Homepolish have oodles in common; they make collecting cool art from emerging artists a breeze and Homepolish makes interior design affordable and accessible to all, armed with our dear nation’s best and brightest designers. I want like everything on Tappan‘s site, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to help style the new dining room around this awesome piece by Molly Berman Emily chose for her space." Shop this artwork by Molly Berman

Art styling tip: "Make sure you choose items that accentuate the mood of your artwork. This Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective has such a quiet, peaceful mood. Thus, we chose accessories that complimented the color palette and feel of the beautiful photograph."

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