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La Cena of Attention



Miami, FL

A dinner party during Art Basel 2012 was hosted by American Two Shot - a downtown New York boutique and gallery, The Tappan Collective - an online platform connecting emerging artists to aspiring collectors, SweetGreen - an east coast restaurant chain promoting health and community, and Flour Shop - a new decadent Brooklyn bakery. Fresh flower crowns by Cult Gaia were donned by many of the guests.

Guests sat alongside the water at a private residence in South Beach. SweetGreen served signature salads and Miami staples such as stone crab and fresh fish. Flour Shop had an amazing array of desserts such as key lime cake balls, pineapple carrot cake, fresh kiwi and pineapple lollipops dipped in chocolate. Drinks were sponsored by Marquis Vodka and Honest Teas.

Guests included: Harley Viera Newton and her boyfriend DJ Ross Shwartzman, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor and her boyfriend Tappan artist Michael Gittes, Carlos Quirarte (NYC Nightlife - Jane, Westway & restaurant the Smile), Harry Bee (NYC Nightlife - The 88), Kelly McCauley (CFDA), Carter Cleveland (Art-sy), Cody Allen (Le Baron), Roy and Yuvi Alpert (owners of Freehand Hotel in Miami), Sarah Nicole Prickett (writer/it-girl), Jenna Sauers (model/writer), Melissa Gilbert (Stylecaster), Yara Flinn (designer-NOMIA), Dakota Solt and Lisa Ziven (Designers- CryBaby Presents).

Kelly McCauley from CFDA was chatting up the Alpert brothers Roy and Yuvi about the opening of their new Freehand Hotel, which was the hottest place to stay for the young hip crowd. Harry Bee was still buzzing from his success the night before with his Terry Richardson and OH WOW Gallery event at the Standard Hotel.

Tappan artist Michael Gittes (Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor's boyfriend) scattered melted syringes filled with paint across the dinner tables (the instrument he uses to create his unique portrait paintings), such as the portrait Eve displayed at Tappan Collective's booth at Aqua Art Miami during the Art Basel week. (photo of Jordan, Chelsea, Atlanta and Gittes in front of painting attached).

Tappan artist Kelsey Shultis made three, 3ft sculptures made of wood and linens that spelled the word TAP.

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