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Lola Rose Thompson | Studio Visit

Los Angeles, CA

Tappan Collective x BULLETT: The Diary of Lola Rose Thompson

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by Ari Lipkis
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Artist Lola Rose Thompson was born in Studio City, California. She studied sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA from Otis College of Fine Arts. Thompson is interested in the idea that objects can receive and transmit information that they may or may not contain and that these objects have vast stores of data and figures that may be difficult to see. The drawings, sculptures, and installations she makes are often accompanied by text; lengthy, prose-like titles that imply or describe the multiple connotative potentials of objects and words, which have previously been veiled by their exhaustive utility. Thompson says she “wants to create unlikely empathies, and unearth the improbable similarities shared between distant things, for example the President and the World’s Tallest Woman, magic and big government, or physics and psychics.” Thompson employs metaphor, simile, metonymy, and other literary devices to create conceptual proximity between disparate things, and to editorialize and re-contextualize the objects she makes or finds. “I am influenced by investigative journalism, headlines, the editorializing of popular culture, magic, medicine, science, and the new age.” Here, in collaboration with LA’s on-point Tappan Collective, we take an inside look at the thoughts and space that artist Lola Rose Thompson lives with.