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How To: A Gallery Wall With How You Glow

Gallery Wall Basics with the Ladies of How You Glow

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Works available on Tappan Collective:

"Woman" by Tyler Healy

"More Or Less" by Alyson Provax

"Glitter" by Tyler Healy

"Rain In Your Hands" by Heather Day

"Hemlock" by Stevie Howell

"Omer" by Dafy Hagai

"Forest" by Marc Gabor

"Alone Together" by Brian Merriam


To begin, it's a good idea to design your layout on the floor to best decipher spacing and balance around your chosen anchor piece. Usually, this is the largest piece of your collection. If you don’t have a statement piece, then you can stack a few artworks of similar proportion to be your center of attention.


Choose your baseline on the wall. This step acts as your outline. Take into account your furniture and other items in your entire space to help you figure out how the artworks will balance on the wall and ultimately, with the entire room.


To begin hanging, use a level so that every piece is straight and aligned perfectly. The slight details of proportion and spacing are small, but they make all the difference for a sophisticated look. Then sit back and enjoy!