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Satsuki Shibuya Exhibition

Reve En Vert
Satsuki Shibuya Commission

London, UK


Tappan Collective & Us

"We asked Satsuki to create a watercolour inspired by Rêve En Vert
In her California studio, she created the piece. Her thoughts are below.

'When finding inspiration to paint the commissioned piece for Rêve En Vert, I went back to channel their core mission: to create an ethos where sustainability, not only production, but the hearts of the designers are celebrated.
To shed light on responsible consumption that leads to a better tomorrow, not only for human kind, but to all who inhabit this world together, and to do this through visual and ecological curation.
The piece was created in dialogue to this mission and allow viewers the opportunity to connect with their own inner truth - that we live not on an island of isolation, but in a community, which together, have a choice to make a difference in our everyday.'"