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MAY 2016



Where did you two first meet?

We met at ENSAD (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris in 2006. We were in the same department: printed image. We started working together in 2009 and we graduated in 2010.

How does the process usually go? There are two of you making work together, what does that look like? 

We work exclusively together. We have no individual practice. Work in pairs, is more in the discussion phase than the drawing itself. Working with someone involves a lot of communication and sometimes compromises. We must be sure to be in perfect agreement before starting a drawing. It would not make sense for us to make one and then impose it on the other of us.. Practically, we never work on the same paper simultaneously. We have each a worktable. And we switch the drawings regularly to continue the work of the first one.

When do you two make your best work?

Although we are not really morning people. We are quite constant in achieving the drawing. And most of the time quite concentrated also. We loved being in residence in Norway. For us, that's when we made our best work. We were away from our lives that come often disturb our work when we are in Paris. Even our friends were absent, no more drinks only work. :)

Regarding your method of making, is it a case of the material or method dictating the idea of the other way around?

Neither one nor the other. The method and medium are our way to work together in the exact same way. Our ideas are what we have to say and what affects us. They are quite independent. And indeed, they change at different rhythms ...

Is art making therapeutic for either of you?

Not really. Art is to express our ideas and our worldview. The drawing is the way we found to do it. What may be therapeutic, is to do it together. Somehow we create a third person behind we hide ourselves. We remove this link the artists may have with their works. 

What are you two most proud of? 

Of our determination to continue to do this job trying to get through the stages. We are proud of our sacrifices that allow our work to exist and evolve.

Artist whose career you both covet? 

We do not covet other careers. We hope that our career will grow. Offering us the privilege of continuing to do what we love and to have the freedom to make our choices.

What do you see yourselves doing in 5 years?

At the same place. still artists! With surprising projects, trips and meetings .

If you two could travel anywhere to create for a while, where would you go?

Japan and USA. We really like urban landscapes and it is interesting for us to apprehend different urban typologies.

Did you both grow up around other creative people?

Not at all. Our parents are teachers and doctors. Our families are very open to culture but none of them have artists.

What are your other hobbies?

Cooking. For lunch and on alternate days, one of us has to cook meal for the other one. This has become a real cooking competition. Otherwise Pauline do dance and Zoe do boxing and Tae Kwon Do. Our respective hobbies highlight our very different personalities ...

If you could both have a drink with one artist, who would it be?

We can start with Henri Cartier Bresson. His work is brilliant and He has crossed all the 20th century. He has to have hundreds of stories. And he speaks French, it will be an easy conversation. And then, We could invite Keith Haring for the second part. For his passion, his political commitment and his sense of partying.

What influences you two?

Mainly everything surrounding us and the everyday life. And also the work of many artists who have tackled the question of collection and contemplation such as: Hans-Peter Feldmann, Luc Tuymans, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Pierre Bonnard, Edward Hopper. 

What motivates you as a pair?

To show our drawings and talk about them. And know that people choose to buy and live with our work.

What’s your studio philosophy?

Work and Laugh

How many hours do you both try and work in the studio per week?

We have practically office hours. We are in the studio from Monday to Friday. We arrive around 10 am and we leave generally between 7 and 8pm. But that is changing somewhat from week to week depending on the projects ...

Silence or sound while creating? If sound, what?

It depends. If we have to be focused, or discuss together...we turn off the music. Otherwise, we listen a lot of music while working; but it is not always very tasteful. So for reputation reason, maybe it is better to keep this secret. We watch a lot of documentaries and films also.

Favorite art-making tools?

The mechanical pencil. Because it is a regular tool. And it is an indispensable condition to work well together.

Tools or mediums you’re dying to experiment with?

We would love developed our work on pattern. With weaving and textile printing. And so, confronting us to the color question...