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Printing on Aluminum

We have recently started discussing what happens to an image once it's printed on an untraditional surface; what compliments the texture found in film? How can we further emphasize the quality of the work through a unique presentation? 

In planning for our group show Wielding Now this past spring, we discussed this possibility with LA-based artist Isaac Zoller, envisioning how his beautifully composed, seemingly desolate portrayals of landscapes could be heightened if printed on an aluminum surface. 

Printing on aluminum compliments the depth and detail in photographs, emphasizing the perspective and composition of the work. Aluminum prints are created through a dye-sublimation process, which uses heat to transfer dyes directly onto the metal. 

Aluminum prints are lightweight, durable, water and UV resistant, and easy to clean. Luminous yet detailed, all aluminum prints are of archival quality and are a creative alternative to a traditional photography print. 

We currently offer these Isaac's 35mm film photographs on aluminum,