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Jeff Kraus | Collage Process


APRIL 2016




Jeff Kraus is a painter, printmaker and collaborative artist predominantly known for his large-scale paintings. Exhibiting selections from two developing bodies of work; Kraus’ language is one of traditional symbolism and iconography, realizing minimal collages and ethereal, nearly enigmatic works on panel. His collage series, Adelante, explores our relationship to object, and our ability to delegate new meaning and structure. “The colors and scratches of these intaglio cuttings had a different meaning not long ago. The conditions that first created these marks are already gone; what place can the remnants presently hold? Though removed and replanted, the pieces of each collage are not isolated. The compositions employ order and hierarchy, each a specific, intentional structure and a home for new meaning.

The Adelante series is a reinvestigation of a body of work created in 2011.  Using the same treasure box of scraps and tear offs, a culmination of 4 years or printmaking, Kraus wanted to investigate new compositions and visual hierarchy.  It is exciting to see certain elements repeat themselves 5 years later, while the at the same time offer an endless wealth of mystery.