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Wielding Now Opening Reception Invitation


APRIL 2016


8840 Washington Boulevard #102

Culver City, CA 90232

Gallery Hours:

Monday – Friday, 10-6pm; Saturday by appointment.

WIELDING NOW: An exhibition of select works by Tappan artists Jonni Cheatwood, Luke Chiswell, Michael Gittes, Alice Lancaster, Emily Knecht, Jeff Kraus, Travis Schneider, and Isaac Zoller.

wield |wēld|

verb [ with obj.]

hold and use (a weapon or tool)

have and be able to use (power or influence) {effectively}

WIELDING NOW showcases a selection of original paintings, collage, sculpture and photography by Tappan artists. While diverse in media and message, these artists powerfully exercise their control over their artistic tools, demanding our interaction with the work and encouraging an intimate participation in each of their moments.  Wielding their ‘weapons’ effectively, taking control of their tools to paint, sculpture - to capture moments - appears almost effortless. Their medium is their language - a mode of communicating effectively, asking the viewer to not only admire the pieces but to engage and digest them, to really participate in their language.