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About Tappan

Founded in 2012 by Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein, Tappan is an online platform that serves the careers of talented, emerging visual artists as well as new and seasoned collectors. Offering a selection of original and limited edition works, Tappan works with each artist to select work to be showcased, and provides collectors with information about each artist and their body of work. Tappan also curates spaces and exhibitions, highlighting exceptional artists from our roster in locations throughout Los Angeles and nationally.

Corporate Services

Tappan offers our corporate clients several amenities while assisting their navigation of the art world through our carefully selected network of artists accessible online. Keeping our client’s agenda at the forefront of our practice, Tappan works to assess particular themes, media and price points throughout the selection process. Tappan offers our clients premium framing of all works, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and Tappan representative.

Interior Design Services

Tappan loves working with interior designers who are looking to embellish a space with a beautiful selection of original works. Offering a selection of media, sizes, themes and price points, there is artwork here for everybody. Tappan will happily work with interior designers to achieve the desired aesthetic of any given space.

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